Electric Vehicle IQ

Engine Tour

How is it different from a conventional car? It’s more of a wiring project, rather than a plumbing project.


Electric vehicles produce anywhere from 100 to 300 horsepower, comparable to a conventional vehicle.

Test Drive

Feel what it’s like to roll in your ride.

Study of a Conversion – Duke’s Garage

Any internal combustion engine can be converted to an EV by removing the engine and adding a battery pack.

Safety and Emergencies

Electric vehicles meet the same safety standards as any vehicle in the U.S., following the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

How many miles your car can travel per charge

The average range is 70-90 miles, but most manufacturers are aiming for 100 miles.

How long it takes to charge

EV drivers have several charging equipment options.

Where and how to charge

Home recharging of electric vehicles (EVs) is as simple as plugging them into an electric outlet.

Emergency Response Training

Emergency response for electric vehicles is not significantly different from conventional vehicles.

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