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Get LEED Points!

Want to show you’re hard at work making your building as sustainable as possible?  You can get LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification points just by installing an EV charging station! Is your building more than 4 stories tall? Commercial or multi-family residences over 4 stories qualify for up to 3 points under the New Construction program, and 3 and 15 points under the Existing Building Program.
Is your building less than 4 stories?  Single family homes and multi-family residences under 4 stories are eligible for one 1 credit under “innovative Design” criteria.

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As a property owner, providing electric vehicle charging capabilities, or EVSE, for your tenants is a way to distinguish yourself as an environmentally conscious thought-leader who anticipates customer needs.  Here are 2 of the many perks associated with having an EVSE on your property:

Feature it as an amenity to appeal to tenants. Just like you might feature a pool at an apartment complex or free wi-fi at a coffee shop, EVSE is an amenity that will get more customers inside your building to take advantage of whatever service offer– be it a place to live, banking services, or retail. Also, take advantage of the highly visible space for advertising!