What You Save in Gas

There are many variables such as how many miles you drive and how much you pay for electricity. You won’t have to go to the service shop for oil changes, saving about $30 every 3-4 months. And, at the average US electricity rate of 12 cents per kWh, you would be paying about a quarter as much for “fuel” costs—dropping your yearly fuel bill from about $1,400 to $350.

Another way to calculate your fuel savings is by comparing the operating costs per mile of a conventional vehicle with an electric one. A Nissan Leaf costs $.03/mile in fuel to operate using the average electricity rate for Colorado ($.12/kWh), while a conventional vehicle that averages 22 miles/gallon costs nearly $.159/mile in fuel to operate when using gas at $3.50 gallon – making the conventional vehicle over five times as expensive! Source

Find out how much you can save in money (and GHG) with this savings calculator.

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